The 3 dance fitness methods: dance2Bfit, melodyfit and kids’dance2Bfit, are based on the knowledge and theories of Dr. Kenneth Cooper (Father of Aerobic Exercise) and combine a cardiovascular workout with dance/exercise choreography. The programs are designed to work every part of the body, especially concentrating on women’s specific needs and are fun to do.

All classes include a warm up exercise, cardio/dance segment, weight resistance exercises and finish with a cool down stretch.

These routines are created for women and by women in Switzerland with a special emphasis on good health and well being. The programs are original and professionally choreographed. Each season, 4 times a year, new routines are developed with a variety of top 40 music and new steps to keep it fresh for participants and instructors both!

We provide a dance fitness program to suit the needs of women of all ages from 8 to 80 whether they want to keep a trim shape, assist their weight loss regime with exercise, retain flexibility and help prevent osteoporosis, or simply keep the body moving in a friendly supportive atmosphere. The methods adapted to each age groups particular needs are so engaging that while dancing, the time flies by and the participants forget that they are getting a good workout.

Classes are competitively priced with no contract to sign (min 14.- / hour for adults and 12 .- / hour for children and pensioners). We address all women who want to become or stay in shape and have fun while getting in shape. We strive for professionalism and excellence in our programs and in our instructors and encourage everyone to be the best they can be.

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