We provide a franchised method of dance/fitness and a developed operating system to our instructors without a huge financial investment on their part.

We train and certify our instructors before they become franchisees.

Here are some of the benefits we provide :

·       Certification training to become a professional fitness instructor (criteria per IDEA standards)

·       Technical training and support by the area coordinator in your canton

·       Four new programs each year, with easy to follow steps, DVD and compact disc

·       On-going training at workshops and practices throughout Switzerland four times per year

·       An independent work schedule where you decide where and how often you will work

·       A business opportunity where you can work at something you love, make friends and enter a network of other professionals

Three different programs:

Our cardiovascular program “dance2Bfit”, a low impact program “melodyfit » geared to the older woman, and our newest program “kids’dance2Bfit” dance/fitness for children 8 and above.

Some requirements are:

·       CPR certification

·       Dance/fitness or teaching experience

·       Independent self starter

·       Good appearance/appropriate weight

·       Likes to dance

·       Good sense of rhythm

·       Outgoing personality

·       Likes working with people

If this sounds like you, please contact the Area Coordinator in your location.

Becoming a franchisee of The Dance Aerobics company is a wonderful experience for anyone interested in helping others achieve their personal fitness goals while enjoying the challenges and tremendous satisfaction that comes from owning your own business. I invite you to join the fabulous fitness family of The dance Aerobics Company, Switzerland’s leading dance-fitness program.”

Click here for information on how to teach our dance2Bfit programs in other countries outside Switzerland.

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