Dance Aerobics was imported to Switzerland from the USA by Patricia Matthey in 1983. In 1980 Patricia (American by birth/Swiss by marriage) started taking Dance Aerobic classes in Ohio. She loved the concept of dancing to become fit, trained to become an instructor and came to Switzerland as a Certified Fitness Instructor with the idea of starting her own classes in St. Sulpice (VD).

Shortly after opening her own classes in St. Sulpice she began training other women to teach Dance Aerobics and now “The Dance Aerobics Company” has three fitness methods, dance2Bfit, melodyfit and kids’dance2Bfit and over 150 instructors/franchises throughout Switzerland.


In 1997 Cristela Perrod became an associate of the company. Cristela is Swiss by marriage and Mexican by birth. Her extensive dance and choreography experience has enhanced all the programs during the last twenty years. She heads the creative team which produces new choreography for the methods 4 times a year, teaches seven classes per week which include all of the programs, and is an area coordinator for the Canton of Vaud.



Marylin Perrod joined our management team in 2014.
She is Swiss and Mexicaine.  Her responsibilities include marketing, development and administration. Her creative side shines through as choreographer for our methods “kidsdance2Bfit” and “dance2Bfit”.
She is also an Area Coordinator for the Canton of Vaud.




Estelle Moget joined our management team in 2010. Estelle is Spanish/French and resides permanently in Switzerland. She created and heads the special technical training programs for new instructors, participates in the writing of the choreography of new programs and is head of production. Estelle is a certified fitness instructor (IFAS) Pilates and Zumba instructor.



Karine Berger has been an instructor for “dance2Bfit”.
She has joined our management team in 2012 and is responsible for finances, website management and advertising, creating ads, flyers and posters for the company and for instructors.
Karine is also an Area Coordinator for the Canton of Vaud.



Today, The Dance Aerobics Company, created for women and managed by women, is an award winning company dedicated to women’s well being as well as actively supporting women’s causes, such as breast cancer research and prevention.


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